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ibEconomy IPB Application

Can Access Pyreconomy
Can View Global Transactions
Can View Global Assetts
My Max Embers N/A
Embers Per New Topic
Embers Per Reply
Embers Per Other's Reply in Own Thread
My Embers Per Post/Reply/Etc Multiplier N/A
Minimum Posts-Per-Day for Interest in Certain Items 1.00
Recent Activity for Interest in Certain Items 7 days

Can Access Banks
My Maximum Per Bank Account N/A
Interest Cycle 7 days

Can Purchase Shares of Stock
My Maximum Number of Shares Per Stock N/A
Stock Value Adjustment Cycle 1,440 Minutes
Stock Purchase Tax 5.00%
Selling Stock Tax 3.00%

Credit Cards  
Can Use Credit-Cards
My Maximum Credit-Card Debt N/A
Minimum Payment Due Cycle 0 days
My Maximum Balance Transfer Per Card N/A
My Maximum Cash Advance Per Card N/A
Minimum Due at Above Cycle 25.00%

Can Shop
Sales Tax 7.99%
Sell Back Tax 29.99%
Trade Tax 6.99%

Can Apply for Loans
My Max Total Loan Debt N/A
Loan Interest Cycle 7 days
Loan Past-Due Penalty Cycle 0 days

Can purchase lotto tickets
My maximum number of lotto tickets 5
My bump in chance of winning (5 = default) 5

  • 635,105 Total Embers
  • 133,297,013 Total Net Worth
  • Bold Topic Newest Shop Item
  • 19 Shop Item Inventory
  • 1,617 Online At Once Record

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