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What makes FirePowered Gaming different

Designed for Gamers

Our Promise

FirePowered Gaming evolved from the desire to play on well-maintained and troll-free servers. We wanted a fun place to play, so we carefully crafted this community to meet all our criteria. As such, we promise we will never:

  • spam Steam event invites
  • send unsolicited Steam invites
  • mask bots to appear as humans
  • use forced advertisements such as Pinion, or other in-game ad popups/videos
  • sell game-breaking donor benefits
  • overload our dedicated systems with more game servers than they can handle

Win Free Games

Every few weeks we hold a competition to win free games. Anyone who plays on our servers is eligible to win even if they have never been to our site. To see if any events are currently running, check out the events page.

During a giveaway event, whenever a player is killed a FirePowered token has a chance to drop. Each token is one entry into the giveaway. Most events treat entries as a raffle ticket, but sometimes we enable hard-mode and whoever has the most tokens at the end of the event wins first prize.

Weekly TF2 Giveaways

Every week we give away a TF2 item just for entering a raffle. All that we require is a single non-spam forum post, and that you have your Steam account linked to your forum account so we can find you if you win.

Once you meet these minimal requirements, you can enter each week by clicking "I want to participate!" on the raffle page.

Powered by Donations

We Owe It All To You

In the first three months from FirePowered's launch we grew from one dedicated server to three, thanks to the support of our community members. We have locations in both the Eastern and Western United States. By donating, you are voting for FirePowered's services with your wallet, allowing us to expand and provide more and better services to everyone.

As long as donations cover the bills our servers will remain 100% ad-free. If we ever need to implement an advertising solution, rest assured that it will not negatively impact your gameplay.

Rewarding Contributions

As a thank-you to our supporters, we provide a large list of benefits across all our servers to anyone with an active donation subscription. For the sake of those who cannot donate, these benefits are designed not to infringe upon gameplay.

  • No chat advertisements
  • End-round particle effects
  • Have an alter-ego play on your behalf when there are bots on the servers
  • End-round immunity
  • Reserved slot
  • Auto-balance immunity

For a full list of benefits on our game servers, trade servers, and forums, see the donation information page.

Monitored by Professionals

Seasoned Administrators

Our administrators are hand-picked and put through an extensive trial process in order for FirePowered to provide the highest level of support possible. The majority of our admins have been moderating our servers since 2012. They know what they're doing and want to help you enjoy our servers to the fullest.

Administrators and moderators are available most hours of the day and can be reached directly from our game servers by typing !report. You can even live-chat with our entire staff without ever leaving your game.

Dedicated Sysadmins

We have a certified systems administrator making sure our servers are always safe, secure, and operating efficiently.

All of our hardware is purposely under-utilized to prevent any amount of lag. Most resources are at or below 50% capacity, even when the game servers are 100% full. You'll notice the difference in speed when maps reload or servers restart after a game update.

RedHat Fedora

Built from experience

FirePowered Gaming Blueprint
A Fresh Start

Originally called Drunken Bombers, FirePowered split off in April 2013 taking the best admins, members, and ideas with us. We spent a great deal of time planning and reorganizing the community to achieve the best experience possible. This resulted in:

  • A clean & easy-to-use website
  • Semi-automated gameserver administration (you see less trolls/hackers!)
  • A clear and straight-forward application process
  • Comprehensive game stats
  • 24/7 Monitoring on trade servers--We will help you file a global SteamRep Scammer request should you be scammed
  • 24/7 Chat-monitoring on game servers

Community Rules

Anyone who plays online games have experienced trolls and abusive users. In order to minimize these occurences, we have strict rules in place which help reduce and prevent instances of:

  • Porn sprays
  • Bigotry & Racism
  • Hacking
  • Griefing
  • Scammers (on trade servers)
  • Member-impersonation

Before playing on our servers, take a moment to familiarize yourself with all of our rules in order to avoid being banned.

FirePowered Rulebook

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