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User SteamID Reason Server Admin Duration Status
President of the go5 fanclub STEAM_0:1:105602747 [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account SERVER Permanent Unbanned
Jews did 9/11 STEAM_0:0:554258544 low inventory value, already kicked Judo 1 week Active
xx.destroyer STEAM_0:1:419668027 the chat Zara 1 week Active
Kabbir STEAM_0:1:157250649 Spamming the chat Zara 3 days Active
WheatOnToast STEAM_0:0:71008506 bigotry, racism Moon 3 days Active
austin9 STEAM_0:0:241766860 talking over adverts Shiken 3 days Active
JDRiot STEAM_0:1:57613037 Broker scammer. Check rep Jarty Permanent Active
Kamerlikce STEAM_0:0:194541505 Mic spamming with unneccesary noises despite getting warned Jarty 1 week Active
Nox STEAM_0:0:522768712 private inventory, appeal on forums Marsh Permanent Unbanned
"A scammer has connected from this IP. steamid: STEAM_0:1:89889830" SERVER Permanent Active
beargal STEAM_0:1:89889830 Player is a reported scammer SERVER Permanent Active
Bob B>QS/Backpacks STEAM_0:0:146108975 buying quicksells Zara 3 days Active
Daft Punk STEAM_0:1:539407268 harassmen/inaproppiate comments Zara 2 weeks Active
Dr. Hartman | STEAM_0:1:160876827 site in name after warning Marsh 3 days Active
Crust STEAM_0:1:555800998 [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account SERVER Permanent Active
nirreg STEAM_0:0:70892670 low inventory value after multiple warnings Moon 1 week Active
ETHIOPIAN MERCENARY STEAM_0:0:103590187 advertising buying quicksells after warning Marsh 3 days Expired STEAM_0:0:185500039 weapon spam Marsh 3 days Expired
carrots STEAM_0:1:534607996 fly engi/spamming taunts Zara 3 days Expired
Darkencide STEAM_0:1:75174141 low inventory value after warning Marsh 3 days Expired
WyjebanyWibratorAnalnyMarcin2000 STEAM_0:0:174482241 Attempted festivizer scammer. Jarty Permanent Active
♋ Ice Scoop ♋ STEAM_0:0:117436541 low inventory value after warning Marsh 1 week Active
Hangwire STEAM_0:1:37422004 False advertisements after warning Zara 3 days Expired
HeavySandpiper STEAM_0:0:85879812 interrupting adverts Zara 3 days Expired
Cravy Dave STEAM_0:1:82672895 Micspam, was kicked Judo 3 days Expired
Daffy STEAM_0:0:65807280 Lucky No. 42 scam proof: Moon Permanent Active
Pinhead Larry STEAM_0:1:176367409 low inventory value, was kicked Judo 3 days Expired
[FP] Judo STEAM_0:0:158790801 fat Judo 3 days Unbanned
goldendragon01 STEAM_0:1:233330054 low inventory after kick Marsh 3 days Expired
branos_car | STEAM_0:1:218074295 buying quicksells Marsh 3 days Expired