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General Information
We strive to provide a unique and fun experience for all of our gamers. We believe in providing top notch servers on a top notch network and we'll never overload our system with additional game servers if it cannot handle it. However, all of these things are not free! All of these things are made possible by our gracious donors. Donations received by our community go back into our community. We'll never sell donor perks that imbalance gameplay. We are supported by donations 100%.

There are four types of donations you may make to FirePowered. Two of these provide in-game benefits. Two of them do not. Please see the list below so there will not be any confusion.

Provides Benefits

1. PayPal/Credit Card Subscriptions
2. Key Donations

Do Not Provide Benefits

3. Item Donations
4. I'm Feeling Generous

If you have any Pre-Payment questions you may contact Banshee or Sniper Noob via Private Message.
Game Server Benefits vs Trade Server Benefits
The benefits on the FirePowered Game Servers and Trade Servers differ in several ways. The first thing to take notice of is that Game Server Benefits do not alter gameplay in ways which would give Donors an advantage. Because gameplay is not important on trade servers our Donors are given a different set of benefits to show our appreciation. Donors receive access to both Game Server and Trade Server benefits by donating. There is no separate packages for one or the other.
Steam Account Link
In order to donate you need to have linked your Steam account to your Forum account. You may view the tutorial on how to do so here.
PayPal Cancellation
Your donor benefits are recurring. This will automatically deduct from your PayPal account for the package you selected. To cancel this recurring subscription, follow the instructions below.

Log in to your PayPal account.

  1. Click Profile near the top of the page.
  2. Click My money.
  3. Click Update in the My preapproved payments section.
  4. Click Cancel, Cancel automatic billing, or Cancel subscription and follow the instructions.
General Subscription Cancelation and Modification Information
For more detailed instructions on how to cancel, upgrade, resume, or otherwise edit a subscription, please view our detailed blog post.
All donations are non-refundable. All donations are entirely voluntary. To show our appreciation for your support, we will grant you a specific set of benefits which may be revoked or suspended at any time, for any reason. Being a donor does not grant you immunity from our rules and if you are banned, you will not be given a refund, even partially. No refunds will be given unless an error was made upon payment, and then refunds will be granted at our discretion. Chargebacks and reversals will result in a permanent ban from all FirePowered services.
If you have any donation inquiries please send a PM to Banshee or Sniper Noob. If you have not linked a bank card to your PayPal account and pay with your bank by eCheck, your benefit activation will be delayed until the eCheck clears.
TF2 Package
Game Server Benefits
  • Yellow [Donor] tag in chat
  • Reserved slot
Trade Server Benefits
  • Yellow [Donor] tag in chat
  • Reserved slot
  • Colored chat
  • Infinite ammo
  • Instant respawn
  • Buddha/God mode
Forum Benefits
Forum Badge
$5 / Month
TF2 + Forum Package
Game Server Benefits
  • Blue [Donor+] tag in chat
  • Reserved slot
Trade Server Benefits
  • Blue [Donor+] tag in chat
  • Reserved slot
  • Colored chat
  • Infinite ammo
  • Instant respawn
  • Buddha/God mode
  • Teleport to secret areas
  • Resupply anywhere
  • Engineer building unusual hats
  • Spawn ammopacks and medkits
  • Resize
  • Kartify
  • Be the robot
  • Golden wrench/Saxxy
  • Custom join/leave message
  • Taunt speed changer
Forum Benefits
Forum Badge
Can store 500 PMs (Up from 100)
Can send attachments in PMs
Can give 50 reputation in a 24 hour period (Up from 10)
Can delete your own posts
Can delete your own comments
Can open/close your own topics
Can edit your own topic titles
Can avoid post throttling limits
Can upload videos to the gallery
Can upload an unlimited number of gallery images (Up from 5MB)
Can create friend-only gallery albums
Can create private gallery albums
$7 / Month
Key Donation
Various Tiers