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Loyalty System
The Loyalty System is our way to give back to those who regularly play on our servers. For every 10 kills, every 10 assists, and every 10 minutes you play on FirePowered servers, you will earn one point. These points are available to use on any of the FirePowered servers.

The great thing about the Loyalty System is that it is non-intrusive. You don't have to modify your gameplay at all to earn points, and you can completely ignore the system if you want to.
Accessing the Benefits
You may access and spend your Loyalty Points by typing !benefits into the chat area. Anything you purchase is available on all FirePowered servers, just like your Loyalty Points.
Frequently asked Questions
Q: Do my points expire? What about the things I buy?
A: Loyalty Points never degenerate. You may take a break and when you come back your points will still be available. Some items that are available for purchase will expire, while others will not. If a purchase will expire, you will be notified when you are asked to confirm your purchase.

Q: Are there any more benefits to purchase with my points? What about lasers and other sci-fi effects?
A: We're always looking to improve our servers. For example, we have benefits for our donors that you will not find anywhere else. Alter-Ego is exclusive to FirePowered. It is very unlikely that we will add any non-standard visual effects for purchase. In rare cases we will give them out as special prizes, but too many of these effects make the game visually cluttered, reduce framerates and make the game more confusing than it already is for new players.

Q: Why can't I gift my Loyalty Points to another player?
A: We'd like to keep our Loyalty Points special and as a sign of true dedication. We also use the Loyalty Points to restrict access to certain applications in our applications system. Your points will always be a badge of honor. When you connect with 10,000+ Loyalty Points the players on the server will know you're truly loyal to the community. You won't be able to donate or receive thousands of Loyalty in one go. Quality over quantity!

Q: If I spend my Loyalty Points, will it take me longer to reach a threshold to apply for a position within FirePowered?
A: No. The Loyalty thresholds that must be met before applying to be a member, senior member, or admin use your total points earned. Spending points does not affect this total.