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Website Rules
The Website rules apply to your participation in the community forums and any other location within the community domain (Private Messages, Comments, etc). You will be given warnings and infractions on the forums for violation of the Website rules. If these violations are repetitive in nature or severe, you may be temporarily or permanently banned from the Game Servers as well. These rules are for informational purposes only and should serve as a guide. All bans and unbans are at the discression of the staff. We try our best to keep FirePowered Gaming a welcoming environment for all, which sometimes means varying degrees of ban severety for seemingly similar infractions.
When you are warned on the Forums you will normally (At the Moderator's Discretion) receive "Warning Point(s)" for the infraction. These points are given based on which rule was broken. Each rule heading below will include the points given if you break that rule. Certain punishments are applied automatically when you break point thresholds.

The points you've accumulated expire after 90 days, unless you're banned before that time. Violation of Posting Etiquette rules expire after 7 days unless decided otherwise by the Moderator issuing the infraction. Some rule violation points never expire (see below). Here are the point thresholds and the action that is triggered.

1 Point = Warning Only
2 Points = Content submissions moderated for 1 day
3 Points = Content submissions moderated for 1 week
4 Points = Content submissions revoked for 1 day
5 Points = Content submissions revoked for 1 week
6 Points = Suspended for 1 day
7 Points = Suspended for 1 week
8 Points = Suspended for 1 month
9 Points = Suspended for 3 months
10 Points = Banned Permanently

Points for the following rule violations do not expire:

Abusive Language
Duplicate Accounts
Illegal Content

Do not discuss or contest warnings publicly. If you have an issue with a warning, please open a ticket to discuss it with the administration team. If you think an admin may be abusing his/her power, you can submit an abuse report directly to the head admins here.
1. Abusive Language - 1+ Points
Abusive language directed towards other people is not allowed (even people who are not present) is not allowed. This includes insulting someone's religion, gender, ethnicity, or race, even in a joking manner. This also includes general offensive statements against a religion, gender, or ethnic group.
2. Pornographic Material - 2 Points
The posting of Pornographic material is strictly forbidden. This includes sexually explicit stories and links to other sites which include this type of content (Meatspin, Goatse, etc).
3. Trolling/Flaming - 1 Point
Trolling, in general, can be defined as anything done to provoke and antagonize other users in ways which do not contribute to the discussion taking place in a meaningful way. LOLUMAD?, KTHXBAI and other short one liners have the potential to fall under this rule if deemed to be done to bother another user.
4. Illegal Content - 3 Points
Content which is Illegal may not be posted anywhere on our Website. Additionally, content such as Warez, Cracks and other questionable content may not be posted to our Website. If you're in doubt, please message a Member of the Staff before posting. Typically, if you have to ask yourself if the content is okay then it's not okay. Content which puts our Website in jeopardy and is highly illegal in nature will result in an immediate and permanent ban with no possibility for an appeal. Additionally, the user who posted the content will be reported to the proper authorities.
5. Duplicate Accounts - 2 Points
Each Member is allowed only one Website account. If you are in need of creating an additional account for a family member then please get in contact with Staff first. Duplicate accounts are candidates for removal at the Staff's discretion. In cases of duplicate accounts, the original account will be given the warning points and the duplicate account will be banned. If a user creates a duplicate account to avoid a suspension/ban they will have both accounts permanently banned without the possibility for an appeal.
6. Insubordination - 2 Points
If you are reprimanded by the Staff you are expected to accept the applied punishments without becoming argumentative. If there is a question or suggestion about the policies of the community they are expected to be expressed through the proper channels.
7. Posting Etiquette - 1 Point
Duplicate posts / topics

Do not duplicate threads you've made before. Do not duplicate posts you've made within a thread. If a thread you've created before needs to be remade and the original thread is outside the 90 day necro window, you may private message a Forum Manager and request permission to repost/bump the topic.

Double posting

You should edit your post if it is the last post in the thread, rather than creating another post right behind it.

Useless topic bumping

Threads may not be bumped with useless content. (Bump, ^, Up) and other pointless content posts which serve only to move the topic up the thread listing are not allowed. This rule is modified in the Trading and Advertisements forums, where you may bump your threads once every 3 days in whatever way you wish.

Topic necro

Topics which are older than 90 days may not be bumped. If you need to recreate the exact same topic you will need to contact Forum Manager.

Off Topic posting

Posts you make within threads need to be related to the topic in which you've posted them to. Diverging the discussion is not allowed. Threads may occasionally take a natural slight topic shift by themselves, this is okay. Making posts about your pets in a thread offering an item for trade is not okay.

Post editing

You may not "blank out" your posts, or purposefully edit your posts to remove their content. Doing so only makes the discussion confusing.
8. Harassment - Varies
Harassment and sexual harassment is not tolerated. Instances of these nature are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are intentionally harassing other users, you will likely be banned.
Game Server Rules
Game server rules are designed to ensure a positive experience for all players within our game servers. Staff members and donors are expected to follow these rules along with normal players.
VPN / Proxy Warning
Our servers utilize a mod to catch repeat cheaters and players who break the rules and attempt to return to our servers. Because this system is based around IP checking it is advised that you do not make use of a freely available Proxy / VPN or cheap VPN service. Cheaters may use these cheap or free services while on our servers. If you use them, you need to make sure you are the only one who will be connecting with that IP address (For example, your work VPN may be safe). We will not reverse bans for appeals that are made due to being banned while on a Proxy / VPN.
Tiered Punishment System
We utilize a 3-tiered punishment system for in-game offenses. Tier 1 offenses result in an instant permanent ban. Tier 2 and 3 offenses result in a timed ban of up to a certain amount, at the discretion of the banning staff member. A communication block may be substituted for a ban at the discretion of the banning staff member.
Tier 1 - Permanent Ban
Offenses in this tier warrant a permanent ban.

1. Cheating
We have a zero-tolerance policy against cheating. Cheating is the use of external programs and devices to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Scripts are part of the game and are therefore not considered cheating. Bans based on suspected cheating may be appealed, but bans issued by an automated anti-cheat system will not be overturned unless confirmed as a false-positive by the anti-cheat developers or by our internal team.

2. Scamming
We have a zero-tolerance policy against scamming. Scamming is the use of deception to trick a player into confirming a trade that they would not otherwise make, or the failure to follow through on an obligation (running from a spycrab in which a bet was made falls under this rule). Most cases of scamming will result in a permanent ban and will be reported to SteamRep. Automatic bans issued due to a negative mark on may not be appealed unless the mark is first successfully appealed and removed at Note that egregious trades with scammers may also fall into this category at the discretion of the admins.

3. Sharking
Sharking will be handled in the same way as scamming, however due to SteamRep's Investigative Policy this offense is not eligible for a mark.

4. Impersonating an Admin on a Trade Server
This is considered a form of scamming, and will result in a permanent ban.

5. Pedophilia in Sprays, Signs or Profile Pictures

6. Bans From Other Communities
We reserve the right to apply bans from other major communities on our servers at our discretion. Generally, this will only include situations where players are banned for scamming or related activities, but reports will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

7. Doxxing
Doxxing, or attempting to distribute another player's picture, name, address, or any other personal information, will result in an immediate permanent ban without warning.
Tier 2 - 2 week ban
Offenses in this tier warrant a ban of 2 weeks in length (minimum).

1. Inappropriate Sprays (Shock, gore, & sexual acts)
We do not allow inappropriate sprays on our servers. Sprays containing shock, gore, and explicit sexual acts fall under this tier of offenses. This also includes any suggestive (but non-nudity) content involving minors.

2. Bigotry
Abusive language directed towards other players is not allowed and falls under this tier. This includes insulting someone's religion, gender, ethnicity, or racer.

3. Harassment
Harassing comments directed toward other players are not allowed and fall under this tier of offenses.

Tier 3 - 3 day ban
Offenses in this tier warrant a 3 day ban (minimum).

1. Inappropriate Sprays (Nudity)
We do not allow inappropriate sprays on our servers. Sprays containing genitalia and no sexual acts fall under this tier of offenses. There is no restriction on any form of language, with the exception of abusive language.

2. Report Abuse
The !report system is in place so that you can alert the administrators toward a player who is breaking a rule. Purposefully submitting false reports is not allowed and falls under this tier of offenses.

3. Random Trading
Do not send random trades to players unless they have expressed interest in your items. Abuse of the trade system will lead to a ban.

4. Spamming
The use of the in-game text chat and voice chat systems is a privilege, not a right. The abuse of these systems by spamming (saturating so that nobody else can use them) will result in a ban or a communication block. Offenses include, but are not limited to: sending the same message via chat multiple times quickly (including binds), playing music over the voice communication system, and sending meaningless information over either system.
Spamming also includes other forms of spamming, such as weapons and loud taunts.

5. Griefing
Griefing is defined as an act that is actively destructive against the current objective. This includes, but is not limited to: teleporter traps, holding and refusing to capture the intelligence, pyros flaming friendly snipers to block their view, and backwards teleporters.

6. Advertising Buying Quicksells
This offense is relevant to the trade servers. You may not advertise that you are buying quicksells, quicksales, fastsells, discounted items, or any derivative of these. You may quicksell your own items, and you may respond to someone who is asking if anyone is buying quicksells. You may not say that you are buying these items unprovoked.

7. Use of [FP] Tag by Non-Members
The use of the [FP] tag is restricted to official FirePowered members only. The tag will be removed by the server if you are not a member. Attempting to circumvent this restriction (for example, by replacing the brackets with alternative characters) may result in a ban. Impersonating an admin is a Tier 2 offense.

8. Donor Command Abuse
Donator privileges are there to give fun perks to those who have donated. They are not there to ruin the rest of the server's fun. Abuse of donor privileges may lead to a revocation of donor privileges or bans in egregious cases. Abuse includes, but is not limited to: griefing, harassment of players, unfair PVP interactions, and persistent spawn camping.
All staff members speak with authority within our servers. If a staff member gives you a warning or a direction, you are expected to listen to them. Failing to do so may result in your punishment being escalated to the next tier. If you feel that a staff member is abusing his or her power, you may file an Admin Abuse report by clicking on "Admin Abuse" under the Servers menu.
Subsequent Offenses
If you are punished for an offense and you offend again, your subsequent punishment will incur a higher penalty. For example, if you are banned for 3 days for spamming and you continue after your ban expires, your subsequent ban will be a 1 week ban.
Undocumented Offenses
It would be impossible to document all possible infractions within this list. For this reason, it is possible to be punished for an offense not listed here. Punishments for undocumented offenses are at the discretion of the banning staff member. Use common sense and you won't have anything to worry about.