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FirePowered Seeding Rewards

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Event Information

When a player or bot is killed on the server with seeding focus, a Seed Token has a random chance to drop. Picking up these tokens adds to your weekly token count. Anyone finishing the week with 5 or more tokens is entered into the weekly raffle.

The new week starts every Sunday at which point a winner will be picked and the token count will be reset.

Current Prize

TF2 Earbuds
Approximate Value: 4 keys, or $8.00.

Live Data

High Scores

Rank Player Tokens
1Wave Bagel225
3Duck Boi131
6Squid's Got Jeans78
12Muselk Fan #153
14chef boyardee46
16big d and the kid table38
20[TTR] Bandwagon33

Recently Found Tokens

Date Time Name Server
06/1323:27:20stop176Virginia Hightower
06/1323:00:22HeliumMonkeysVirginia Hightower
06/1322:54:29Duck BoiVirginia Hightower
06/1322:50:15KatieVirginia Hightower
06/1322:45:04sara05550Virginia Hightower
06/1322:16:53Kritz-Virginia Hightower
06/1322:15:12nexxVirginia Hightower
06/1322:03:59FMAaronVirginia Hightower
06/1321:58:41Artyom Cyka ManVirginia Hightower
06/1321:49:01SaltyPeanutVirginia Hightower
06/1321:33:52waiting for osrs mobile againVirginia Hightower
06/1321:25:43?Karoyst?Virginia Hightower
06/1321:22:49chef boyardeeVirginia Hightower
06/1321:04:38King GTRVirginia Hightower
06/1321:04:23irish potatoVirginia Hightower
06/1321:04:11ReflexVirginia Hightower
06/1320:56:44[W-G] TorVirginia Hightower
06/1320:45:55ZIMVirginia Hightower
06/1320:30:31RS | Mr.DolphinVirginia Hightower
06/1320:09:01RazEVirginia Hightower

Your Tokens

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More Information

Token Drop Rates

Tokens do not drop until at least 3 players are on the server, and the drop rate changes based on the number of players currently on the server.

  • 0-2 Players: 0% chance to drop
  • 3-12 Players: 10% chance to drop
  • 13-18 Players: 4% chance to drop

Claim Rewards

We will add you on steam if you have won. If you do not respond to us within one week (two weeks for registered forum users), we will assume you do not want the prize and it will be put back into the pool.

Prizes vary from week to week, but we try to give out currency items so you can easily purchase anything you want. Items include but are not limited to:

  • Keys
  • Bill's Hat
  • Earbuds

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