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Meet the Staff

Head Administrators

Sniper Pro

Sniper Pro (better known as Sniper Noob or simply Sniper) oversees the logistics of the FirePowered staff and general administration. He manages the FirePowered Discord, handles much of the application process, and is FirePowered's liaison to the SteamRep partner program.

Having mostly retired from trading, you’ll often find him playing MVM or on the Unusual Trade Server. He is also the founder of the Spell Collectors Discord which hosts many of TF2's most prolific spell collectors. While not playing TF2, he’s a software engineer and working on his Discord bots.

Kyle "Banshee" Smith

Kyle is a college student studying for a degree in computer science. In addition to being a college student, he also works as a pharmacy technician. He handles a part of the community aspect of FirePowered, including unban requests and server moderation. He also handles the more technical side, including coding things and fixing issues with the server. In his free time he likes to play Starcraft II, Modern Warfare 2, and GTA V; work on his personal programming projects; and watch sci-fi shows and movies.

Alexander "Dr. McKay" Corn (Retired)

Alex is currently studying Computer Science at the University of South Florida. He writes and maintains various SourceMod plugins and other software, and also develops and maintains TradeRep.

Alex was originally invited to Drunken Bombers as a Tech Admin after developing its in-game loyalty shop. When FirePowered was created out of Drunken Bombers' staff, Alex joined as a Head Admin and owner.

Alex also developed the FirePowered shop.

Jake "rannmann" Forrester (Retired)

Jake is a web developer with a passion for data and automation. He went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for Computer Science and Information Technology. Most of his work is done in PHP, MySQL, and Javascript/Node.js. Nearly all the custom pages on our website were made by him.

He joined his first TF2 community, Drunken Bombers, in June of 2012 and started helping out with the website shortly thereafter. Ten months later FirePowered was forged from the knowledge (and mistakes) from running the Drunken Bombers community. We wanted something clean, fresh, professional, and something that wasn't held together by paperclips and bubblegum. So, here we are!

Senior Administrators

Scewtch is a school student currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. You will see him primarily on European times jumping around as soldier or just relaxing in spawn. He enjoys playing games like Team Fortress, Warframe and Minecraft. In his free time he likes to watch Old westerns and Fantasy movies while working on school projects and other things.


Zaros is a long time TF2 player and has spent most of his 2000+ hours trading hats, and hunting down the rarest sniper hats that he can. Zaros may not be the best sniper, and commonly prefers to play solider when actually playing the game seriously, but prefers the Snipers sense of style over the soldiers, as well as Snipers voice lines. Zaros is also a huge Runescape and Sonic The Hedgehog enthusiast, and can probably beat any of your speedrunning times in Sonic Adventure 2. Zaros's favorite unusual effect is Spellbound.




Shiken is a college student studying for a degree in computer science. You will see him on the server playing as a gibus sniper wiggling outside of his spawn. In his free time he likes to play Hearthstone, Team Fortress, and Forza Horizon 4 and work on his personal programming projects; and watch sci-fi shows and movies.


Mack Munroe, otherwise known as his online alias Marsh, is a dedicated and passionate gamer who is attempting to get into the world of Esport casting, game testing, and graphic design. On his spare time he love to enjoy playing on the saxophone with over 10 years of experience playing it, as he hopes to have a collection of saxophones and play at clubs with others during jazz nights. Currently he is working towards entering college, and has interests in joining the United States Navy, as he has a long line of family members who were in the military. He has a profound love for Dota 2 and the competitive scene, and has traveled to major Valve events, such as The International 2016, 2017 and 2018, and The Boston Major in 2016.

Sintyre is a student from Denmark. She is currently taking a vocational education at the Copenhagen Hospitality College to become a chef. On the side she works two part time jobs, both related to the world of gastronomy. Always making time for games, trading and competitive TF2 are her yearslong passions. Not even cashing out could keep her away from the trading scene. She will be seen in spawn, busy inspecting everyones items. Medic and pyro are her mains, both of which she plays frequently in the european competitive scene where she is the leader of her team. Outside TF2 she will be hunting down more eye candy atmospheric games or drowning in Netflix series.

Trade Server Moderators

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