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Meet the Staff

Head Administrators

Alexander "Dr. McKay" Corn

Alex is currently studying Computer Science at the University of South Florida. He writes and maintains various SourceMod plugins and other software, and also develops and maintains TradeRep.

Alex was originally invited to Drunken Bombers as a Tech Admin after developing its in-game loyalty shop. When FirePowered was created out of Drunken Bombers' staff, Alex joined as a Head Admin and owner.

Alex manages and maintains FirePowered's game servers and develops proprietary server modifications for exclusive use by FirePowered members and guests, including the exclusive Alter-Ego donor benefit. Alex also developed the FirePowered shop.

Jake "rannmann" Forrester

Jake is a web developer with a passion for data and automation. He went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for Computer Science and Information Technology. Most of his work is done in PHP, MySQL, and Javascript/Node.js. Jake handles a lot of various aspects of FirePowered including but not limited to: systems administration, database administration, taxes, security, web development, advertising, accounting, and R&D. Nearly all the custom pages on our website were made by him.

He joined his first TF2 community, Drunken Bombers, in June of 2012 and started helping out with the website shortly thereafter. Ten months later FirePowered was forged from the knowledge (and mistakes) from running the Drunken Bombers community. We wanted something clean, fresh, professional, and something that wasn't held together by paperclips and bubblegum. So, here we are!

Sniper Pro

Sniper Pro (better known as Sniper Noob or simply Sniper) is a TF2 trading enthusiast and TF2Dodgeball addict. When he’s not reflecting crit rockets into the feet of nearby pyros, you’ll often find him on Dustbowl or the Unusual Trade Server. He runs his own Paypal keys shop and has a tasteful variety of shiny unusual hats (as well as his shockingly horrible Crone’s Dome collection). While not playing TF2, he’s pursuing a Computer Science degree and finding every possible opportunity to eat Chinese food.

Kyle "Banshee" Smith

Kyle is a college student studying for a degree in computer science. In addition to being a college student, he also works as a pharmacy technician. He handles a part of the community aspect of FirePowered, including unban requests, discord management, and server moderation. He also handles the more technical side, including coding things and fixing issues with the server. In his free time he likes to play Starcraft II, work on his personal programming projects, and watch sci-fi shows and movies.



Katie has been an FP member since about the middle of 2013. She can usually be found on the Hightower server or playing overwatch. She's currently majoring in communications in hopes of becoming a counselor for LGBT+ kids. She is always available to chat if guidance is ever needed.


Andrew Adolf

Andrew has been a trade server moderator since May 2017. His favorite map in Team Fortress 2 is currently Dustbowl, and if you don't find him there then he is usually jumping around trade servers or moderating the unusual trade server. In his spare not playing TF2 time he watches anime and plays on the PS4 where he is probably trying to beat bloodborne again for god knows how many times. He is also currently going to college for the degree "Information System Security". Feel free to add him on steam if you want to take a leap of faith into the crazy.


Zaros is a long time TF2 player and has spent most of his 2000+ hours trading hats, and hunting down the rarest sniper hats that he can. Zaros may not be the best sniper, and commonly prefers to play solider when actually playing the game seriously, but prefers the Snipers sense of style over the soldiers, as well as Snipers voice lines. Zaros is also a huge Runescape and Sonic The Hedgehog enthusiast, and can probably beat any of your speedrunning times in Sonic Adventure 2. Zaros's favorite unusual effect is Spellbound.

Trade Server Moderators


LaserBadger has played TF2 on and off since July 4th, 2010. When the Mann-Conomy Update came out a few months later, he was quickly hooked to obtaining the rarest items he could get his hands on. For years after, LaserBadger pretty much lived on trading servers of all kinds, just casually trading for things he liked as items. He was never really in trading for profit, just to get nice items and enjoy playing the game and chatting with the community. Currently he owns multiple rare unusuals which are never to leave his backpack, and plans to obtain more as time goes on. As of now, LaserBadger spends his time working a full time job, playing TF2/moderating the FirePowered Unusual Trade Server, and developing game assets with friends as a hobby on the side.


WINGDINGS has been playing Team Fortress 2 since June 6, 2016, and has been dedicated to the game ever since despite being the biggest nerd when when it comes to these other two games: Undertale and Summoners War. His favorite maps in TF2 consists of 2Fort_Invasion, RD_Asteroid, 2Fort, PL_Upward and PLR_hightower. Wing is still one of the new guys on FirePowered, but is still loving the community that the server brings in, the players and friends he's made there, as well as the staff that makes this server tick. Wing mainly spends his time working full time as a dishwasher for a hospital where he lives, hanging out with a few of his real life friends at local Magic The Gathering and Yugioh tournaments, and making sure that the server for FirePowered stays in check and "Incident" free.