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Time To Share An Opinion - Unban Appeal.\

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Posted 09 January 2018 - 06:07 PM

Hey there, my name's Hyper.


I've been a part of the trading community of TF2 on and off for the past 3 years and I made Firepowered one of the places where I buy quicksells often and I make it known that I buy them right off the get go even with my steam username. I've been banned on these servers one too many times now to even think, and just want to get my opinion out there, even if I don't get unbanned for this.


Reason why I was banned? Probably blatantly saying I have 475 keys I'm looking to buy quicksells with. It's in my steam name. And why do I do that? To let people know and communicate the fact that I have the funds to buy their hats at reasonable prices depending on the hat, the effect, and the market. I have a good understanding as to what sells fast, slow, easy, hard, etc. I use that to my advantage and I pace myself to make sure I reach a quota at some point and learn something new about the market.


Now, it's perfectly fine for a player to say that they're quickselling something for 10% off, but when you don't have that necessary bounce-back in the form of an actual quickbuyer, like myself, to say that 10% off isn't enough, and that I'll need at least 30% off to consider, then the advantage that is currency in the form of actually having keys is gone out the window.


It makes no sense for someone to be able to say that they're quickselling and give them that right when you don't have people advertising that they're buying quicksells. Quicksells aren't a toxic term, I don't know what safe-space firepowered is claiming or portraying themselves to be with this ban, but quickselling is an essential part of a market. We all have real world problems that need money to be fixed. There are people that trade on this game to get enough money to get cars, pay for school, pay for bills, etc. and the fact that those people can't find an outlet in the form of quickbuyers on this server is pardon my french, actually retarded.


You have people that are blatant sharkers screwing over others in the server, but won't have someone that actually has currency to offer and influence a market on your servers? Like, unpriced unusuals are a thing that people get hit with ALL the time. When the unusual taunts came out, no one was getting banned for getting rid of their overproduced unusualifiers at rediculous prices looking back at it? What's the problem with quickbuying? It's going to affect every single way of the market anywho, so why take that away from the one place that benefits the most from it, unusual trading?


All in all, not allowing advertising quickbuyers to be on the server is nothing short of autistic in my eyes when you consider trading not as a "hobby" but as a way of trade and barter; a system of e-commerce that relies on capital in the form of keys to give things value.


Change your rules, unban me if you agree with the agruement, thanks,


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 12:40 AM

This isn't the place to make a ban appeal. Our stance on quickbuying is that we want our unusual server to create an environment where players can trade for items they want, and not one where people are just trying to make a quick buck. Our stance on this issue has never changed, and it's not going to just because you call us "retarded" or "autistic." If you want to appeal your ban you're free to do so, but if you think an ad hominem rant is going to help your case you're sorely mistaken.

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