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Yo wassup.

hello introduction new_member

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Posted 25 April 2019 - 06:04 PM



My name is Jakub, nickname bagetnik, which is osmething like baguette-man in our language.

First of all allow me to thank the admins, namely Sniper Pro for fast response on my thread.


About me: I just recently started playing TF2 again after few years, so I´am a little bit rusty but i believe I´ll get back to shape soon.

I have over 1,800 hours on TF2, over 3,500 hours on DOTA2 and 600 hours + on Dark Souls franchise, so yeah.

                                                                                      f**k dota


I like to dance and sing when I´m super drunk, so you can fly over if we get to be friends. Good time guaranteed.

My favorite dancing songs would be GIMME, INSOMNIA, LADY, and when I´m super blacked out, I dance to stuff like THIS

                                                                                                                                                                                           donk ask me how


I´ve also become fond of some edgy music lately.

          And while you´re here, listen to THIS. I love good mashups.


About me part 2:I also love books and movies. Because who doesn´t. And as every average person out there, I especially love 

Tarantino´s movies. Namely... Idk, everything after Pulp Fiction? 

My favorite actor is, try to guess... Michael Cera. Love that guy. And love the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Check that out.


My favorite book/s? Do you know Septimus Heap? If yes, please be friends with me. I don´t know anyone, who read that.

Expect my grandma. Se reads everything I do. 

Second favorite - The Songs of Ice & Fire. Hope that lazy old man doesnt choke on wine before finnishing the books. Please don´t spoil anything from season 6-???.

And yeah, my granda read that too. I was shocked when she said she loved it. She even remembers all the names and stuff... 

I also love Haruki Mirakami´s books. Especially Norwegian Wood. Grandma hates those. 


About me part3: I also love comic books.

My favorite one would be without a doubt Donjon. If you know these, lets talk. Now. Please.

I also love Hellboy from Mike Mignola

Then there´s Moebius. You know him.


Then there´s manga. One Piece, Hunter x Hunter - LOOOOOOOVE them! HxH has a pretty neat 2011 anime adaptation, so check that out.

I also love JoJo (just finnished part 7 and I loved it) - check the anime adataption, its super coo- what. You know JoJo? 

who would have guessed


On that note - I love drawing. But I´m lazy as hell. But I love drawing. So expect some commission work from me in the future(?)!


Epic gamer time:

As I said, I have over 1800 hours on TF2. My favorite classes?  Idk. Everything expect Engi and Spy? I like Pyro the most. I dont care.

I love him. Second would me Soldier, then Medic..? Idk. It´s situational.


3.5k hours on DOTA2? Yeah. I main supports. Idk, hate that game. Srsly, it´s a drug.


Dark Souls. My favorite is Dark Souls. One. The first game. I mean first, if you dont count Demon Souls, I only have PC.

My least favorite is Dark Souls II. Hate that game. DS III is different, but its very well made. Love that game.


Other games:  I like Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain one and two... I love Gothic I and Gothic II.

I also like Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Also Minecraft. Yeah.



If you read this all - thanks! Aaaand,

that´s propably it! I you feel like chatting, hit me up! I will be happy if I find some friends here.

sorry for bad english, propably made some mistakes


best regards,


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Posted 25 April 2019 - 07:31 PM

Welcome, I'd recommend joining the discord as that's where most of our action is (link on right side of homepage)

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