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Unban Request (STEAM_0:1:51232090)

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#1 redline_


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Posted 04 September 2021 - 10:07 AM

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:51232090 (SourceBans)
Ban Type: Ban
Ban Time: 2021-03-02 05:03:18
Ban Length: Permanent
Ban Reason: giving out objectors with staffs face on servers
Admin: Domi

Player Name: redline
Spycrab Running Appeal?: No
Appeal: Original appeal - [Upheld] Unban Request (STEAM_0:1:51232090) - Unban Requests - FirePowered Gaming

I am remaking this appeal because I was accused of keeping a sign for "brownie points" which is blatantly false, and I was barred from replying to the past appeal. Not only do I proof that said sign was deleted the day of being told to get rid of them, History for #8116944712 -, I also have proof that I did not distribute any more signs after being told to delete them (attached image). I haven't even own any objectors for the past 6+ months, besides the one that I got as a random drop a few days ago, History for #10238224473 -, that has nothing on it and has never even been equipped in game. Frankly, I find it insulting that my apology was taken as some type of insincere troll by the staff. I gave away like 10 signs, most if not all the ones you see in game now are not my creation, and were created by other people of there own doing. To say I went above and beyond to harass moon is just flat out wrong, I gave away a few objectors in a half hour period and that's the end of it. If anything, firepower's respond only put more fuel on the fire and motivated trolls to make more. I've been accused of giving out signs after I was told to stop, keeping signs as trophies, and all of that is outright not true. I can post trade history links, history links, anything and everything if what I post in this appeal isn't enough. I'd like to actually have the chance to reply to my appeal after being accused of something that I have mountains of proof I didn't do.



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#2 Domi


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Posted 04 September 2021 - 03:34 PM

For starters, I'm surprised that the point of "Doxxing somebody by sharing their leaked face to all your friends to spread around does not suddenly become OK by apologizing after" was not made abundant from the start.


Second, you're right! I did some digging and found that you didn't keep one around for giggles; You instead shared them to other people, which are still being shared around to others, only a few days to a month after you were banned.




I would give you the absolute most slim benefit of the doubt, that they were empty signs you simply hadn't gotten to yet and gave to somebody else who did it anyways, but that still overwhelmingly does not excuse the original act. You made the choice to make those signs, you made the choice to share them to other people. All is not suddenly forgiven because you realized you should have said sorry months down the line.


The fact that some of the people you have in your proof still have their sign, a la HH Peaks still shows the damage you did is not simply going to go away.

#3 Scewtch


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Posted 04 September 2021 - 03:44 PM

Agreed with Domi. We will not accept this sort of behavior, I honestly don't care if you held onto them or if they are still around, because what you did originally is far more than enough to keep you banned. We will continue banning anyone who thinks doxxing is funny or cool, we do not care about the traffic you bring or how sorry you are, you will not be returning to our server.


Our response to this situation was perfect, and reasonable. If you were actually sorry you'd understand that what we did to you and everyone like you was reasonable and not "motivation" or "fuel" for the trolls. All the trolls are gone and half of them are writing appeals like yours. If you really still want the last word in then PM me, don't make another appeal or you will be permanently removed from the forums too.

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