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Appeal Invalid

Qwacking Hedgehogs - (76561198091730493)

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Posted 02 November 2021 - 09:00 PM

Steam Name:
Qwacking Hedgehogs

Steam ID64:

SteamRep Block:

Link to Report(s) You Are Appealing:
I can't find the link to report, I believe it may have been an off-the-books report (not in the forums).

I committed the offense(s), I admit it.

No, but I will repay. I need help finding the victim(s).

Previous Appeal:
No, this is my first appeal here.

Link(s) to Previous Appeal(s):

Alternate Account(s):

Reputation Thread:

Make Your Case:
I was doing a spycrab match with another player named 'Venom'
This was actually my first official spycrab with someone who wasn't a friend of mine.
I made sure to read rules before hand and then we got into spy crab room and he taunted, and I followed.

After I spycrabbed he started to count (said in chat 1-0).

At that moment I should've realized we actually started but tbh I was pretty baked (just took a tolerance break and am super light weight now) so I should've said something like "Oh this is the actual spycrab" or "I didn't know we already started" but instead I kept going along with it and spycrabbed 3 times.

So I lost.

I was pretty salty about it since the rules stated (in red, underline, and bolded letters at bottom of board) that "all players MUST type I agree before starting" which neither of us did.

so I was just holding onto that piece of information until the last thread, and right from the start (i took screenshot of all the chatlogs) I said I would be willing to pay the keys if an admin deemed that I lost the bet.

I just thought I found a loop hole to get out of paying, through the rules (and to be fair, I actually did not know we started until he did the counting in chat).

The amount was very small, 3 keys, and immediately after claiming I did not want to pay because I didn't know if I lost the bet I could see Venom get aggitated and he took it to voice chat and since he cut someone off who was advertising a couple of people on VC were like "Shut up!" and Venom responded with the up-close-to-mic, super loud, distorted voice thing (Which made me think he was meme'ing about this whole situation, after all was only 3 keys and he was bragging about having 1500 keys earlier in chat, which others also pointed out). So during that time I went along with what I thought was meme'ing/joking around

So now, the next day after this took place, I clearly realize he was totally serious about it.

I'm not disputing I lost the bet,
the only thing I'm disputing is that from the very beginning I offered to pay him the keys if a staff deemed that yeah, I lost the bet fair and square and have to pay. Last night he told me he was talking to a staff member but refused to let me talk to them so I could verify with staff about the situation.
Another thing, I honestly feel bad for way I behaved about this whole situation, I 100% should've just paid the 3 keys immediately to prevent this entire thing and taking up your guys' time with this.

I just want to make my side of the story clear,
-I always was willing to pay keys if staff told me I lost,
-My intention going into the bet was not to run off with 3 keys, I just was salty because I lost a game I didn't know was started.
-For future reference, I now just because one thing in the game did not go according to the rules, does not mean the entire game was rendered useless.
-One more thing, eventually I did offer to just pay him the keys without staff discretion, but on Venom's side he stated himself he doesn't even care about the keys, he just wants to get me perm-banned, because that would bring him more satisfaction than getting the 3 keys. literally what he said :'(

I have screenshots of the entire thing, possibly some information in there that Venom did not share with you guys, I dont know.
Thanks for taking time to read this, and I sincerely apologize about all the bullshit this situation has caused for you guys.

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Posted 02 November 2021 - 09:05 PM

will add this as well,


I've never been an active member in your guys' community, and just this halloween have gotten back into TF2.


However, you guys do have a popular unusual trade server, and I really would rather not have something as stupid as this put a dent in my reputation within TF2/trading community. Especially surrounding the circumstances as told above.

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Posted 02 November 2021 - 09:18 PM

You're not marked by us, thus this is invalid. This is for SteamRep scam appeals, not unban requests.

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