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Rules and Information Regarding this Forum

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Posted 01 May 2013 - 12:50 PM

You may not sell/trade Steam accounts. The only items you're permitted to sell or trade in this Forum are items that can be exchanged through the Steam trade & gift system. This means that any game codes, including Humble Bundle codes are not allowed to be traded in this forum. FirePowered and its admins are not responsible for any issues that may arise through trading, and will not mediate disputes.



Real Money Exchanges


If you are a Senior Member of FirePowered you may create Real Money threads. Anyone may buy from these threads but only Senior Members of FirePowered are permitted to create them. Those who create these threads and who are not Senior Members will have their threads locked and possibly face an infraction. If you're not a Senior Member and you wish to trade for real money, you can try the TradeRep Community forums.




There are no limitations on free raffles. Only members may create buy-in raffles with a buy-in of up to 1 key. Raffles with higher buy-ins must be created by senior members.


Title Threads appropriately


Since each Topic requires a prefix of (Buying, Selling, Trading, Shop) you do not need to specify these terms anywhere in your Topic Title as they will become redundant. You only need to list some of your items in the title or name it, if it is a shop. (ex: Bombz' Brilliant Bargains)


Shop or Selling


Your Topic should be a Shop if you're selling a lot of items at once (More than 15, for example) Shops are Topics which are organized and updated by the author as items are sold.


Selling or Trading


Trading is when you want specific items for the items you're offering. Choose selling when you're wanting to sell an item as long as the value for it matches and you're generally not concerned about the items you receive.


TF2 Tooltips


Use the Tooltips wherever possible. If you're unsure of how to link your TF2 items then please view the Tutorial for it by clicking here.




Whether it's item prices or sellers/buyers, you need to do your research. Everyone who posts in this Forum is required to have linked their Steam accounts first. You can find info on them by hovering over their username and clicking any of links that appear. For trading, you're going to want to check their SteamRep link.


Make sure you Google their SteamIDs, too. If someone has a new Steam account and doesn't appear many places on the web, you may not want to go through with any negotiations with them if it is a high valued item. You can also make use of our Trader Feedback system by clicking here.

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 01:13 PM

Trade threads in this section are automatically closed after 30 days of inactivity. If the forum rules are broken in your thread, it may be closed sooner.


Also: If your trade is completed please lock it. To lock your own thread in this section, just click on "Topic Moderation" in the top-right corner next to the post button, then select "Lock". Note that this is one-way; you cannot reopen threads that you have closed.


If you wish to have your old trade threads reopened they have been closed, please use the "Report" button to ask for them to be reopened. If you have an open trade that you wish to keep open that is getting close to being closed, remember you can bump them once every 3 days and in doing so it will ensure your active trade stays open.

Edited by Dr. McKay, 25 September 2013 - 11:12 AM.
Updated procedure

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#3 Dr. McKay

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 01:19 PM

Starting now, we're going to start handing out warning points for thread hijacking. Thread hijacking occurs when you post in a thread to try to "take it over". For example, if someone posts a "selling" thread for a particular item, don't post in the thread stating that you're also selling the item (perhaps for cheaper). Start your own thread.


Likewise, if someone posts a "buying" thread for a particular item, don't post in the thread stating that you're also buying the item (perhaps paying more). Start your own thread.

#4 Dr. McKay

Dr. McKay

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 06:27 PM

It's now possible to generate a URL to allow anyone on Steam to send you a trade offer without having to add you as a friend first. Note that this feature requires your Profile and Inventory Privacy settings to both be public.


To do this, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page.


It's recommended that you include this URL in your trade threads in order to expedite the trading process.

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