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Tutorial info

  • Added on: May 11 2013 06:07 AM
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Donor Benefits

Posted by Bombz on May 11 2013 06:07 AM
Accessing and using your Donor benefits is very easy. Because most benefits are passive, you do not need to do anything special to receive them. There are a few exceptions to this, however. Each Donor benefit will be explained below.

Donor Menu

To make it simple for Donors benefits are provided through the same menu that the Loyalty system uses.

To access this menu just type !benefits into the chat area.

Unusual Effects & Paints

Donors have access to every Unusual Effect & Paint offered for purchase with Loyalty. They may be accessed and equipped through the !benefits menu.


Another FirePowered exclusive.

Alter-Ego allows you to have a TF2 bot represent you when you're not on the game servers. Players who kill you will get 1 Loyalty Point. Your bot will be set to expert. This menu option will appear in the !benefits menu. Simply select the class you want it to represent you with. It will use the loadout of that class if it was the last class you played on the servers. You can join to watch your Alter-Ego if it is already online and even play against it!

Alter-Egos are not always active. Due to the number of Donors and Admins who enable them they have to join random servers in cycles.


Create-A-Paint is exclusive to FirePowered and will allow you to name your Paints and choose whatever color you want. These can be equipped from the (Custom Paints) option within the !benefits menu.

End Round Effects

End Round Effects apply a special effect to your character during the TF2 humiliation period. These can be accessed and equipped from the !benefits menu.

Round End Immunity

Round End Immunity is a passive benefit and grants you god mode during the humiliation period. You can not be killed by any player.

Colored Name

When you type into the chat area and send your message your name will appear in green to show you're a Donor.

High Ping Kicker Immunity

You will be immune to the high ping kicker which keeps players with high pings off of the servers.

Auto Balance Immunity

When team numbers become imbalanced you will not be moved from your current team. This does not include scrambles.

No Chat Advertisements

All chat advertisements are disabled other than the message which displays useful commands.

Reserved Slot

This is the benefit most Donors have trouble using properly. You can not connect through traditional methods if the server is full. You must connect manually via the game console in order to join the server. Go in to your Steam game library and right click Team Fortress 2 and go to Properties. The following will be displayed:

Posted Image

Click Set Launch Options...

You will then be presented with another window. Enter -console in to the new window.

Posted Image

You will notice when you launch your game that a new Console window appears. This is the window in which you'll manually type in the command to connect to our game servers. The command to enter is "connect <ip address>" without the quotation marks. In the example below I will be connecting to our Dustbowl server.

Posted Image

After entering connect command you need to hit the Enter key and then you will be connected to Dustbowl.

Another (and easier) option to manually connect to our servers is using the Official FirePowered Menu.
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