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  • Added on: May 18 2013 04:06 AM
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Using The Pyreconomy

Explains how to use the Pyreconomy system.

Posted by Bombz on May 18 2013 04:06 AM

The Pyreconomy system is our economy system for the Forums. This system allows us to reward Forum contributors with Forum currency, which are known as "Embers". These Embers can be spent on Forum perks, TF2 Subscriptions and donated to other users. This tutorial will give you a brief rundown on how to use the system.


You may access Pyreconomy by clicking your Ember total in the far top right of the Forums.

Posted Image


The first area you see is your portfolio. There are two navigation sections which will show you different sets of data.

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The Shop

The shop is where you will spend your Embers on Forum perks and TF2 Subscriptions. Please keep in mind that you will not see "Buy Subscriptions" unless your Steam and Forum accounts are linked.

Posted Image

The buying process is very straight forward.

Using / Gifting / Sellback

After purchasing items they will appear under My Portfolio in the My Shop Items section. Click view folder icon to the far right of your items to view them.

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The Use / Sellback / Send Item will be found here.

Posted Image

Donating Embers

There are a few different places you may donate Embers from. The first is within the Pyreconomy system.

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Another location is within Forum posts. This is a good supplement to the likes system. If someone makes a great post, why not send them some Embers?

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Lastly you will see a Donate Embers button directly on a user profile page.

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This tutorial will be expanded over time to include more information as well as info on new features to the system as they are added.
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